War of the Beard

a WHFB 6e narrative campaign between Dwarfs and High Elves

In the world of Warhammer, almost 3,000 years before the present time two mighty races, the Dwarfs and the High Elves entered into a bitter conflict with one another. So fierce and bloody were the battles that it left in indelible mark on both sides, pushing their respective societies to the point of collapse. Indeed, neither the Dwarfs nor the High Elves ever fully recovered from these wars and today their kingdoms stand as shadows of their former selves.

The War of the Beard is a major event for Warhammer players, and it figures throughout the Dwarf and High Elf army books.  This download includes a number of scenarios for Warhammer and Warmaster so Dwarf players and High Elf players can once again decide which side will be victorious in the War of the Beard. Also included with the scenarios is a Mega-battle. Mega-battles are large-scale tabletop battles where as many as ten gamers a side join in with their models. Obviously this can take up a lot of room, but even scaled down to a handful of players a side can make for a truly awesome event!

This download includes

Special thanks to Balmonec for bringing this trove to my attention!

by Games Workshop

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