Warhammer Scenario Generator

an official GW scenario generator for WHFB 6th edition

Many players have cited playing scenarios as a good way to ensure that games continue to be challenging week after week as this invites broad-based army selection and adds narrative and background to their games. Well, I’ve taken the bull by the horns and created a system that will, hopefully, allow people to generate different scenarios for their games. Obviously with something as complex as a scenario generator, the more games played using it, the better we can hone it. Let me know what you think at the usual Warhammer Chronicles address or on the website and we’ll hopefully update and expand the system in future issues or online.

There are many ways to create a scenario, and an almost limitless variety of Warhammer battles to play. However, rather than try to encompass all of these in one immense system (it’s pretty long as it is), I’ve created this scenario generator with a simple goal in mind. The scenario generator is intended to be used for ‘pick up and play’ games – you know, at the local club or Battle Bunker, or at an event. This means that players can go to the venue with an army (or armies, depending on their collection size!) already picked, find an opponent with a same-sized army and they can throw down and get going. It could be used in campaigns, but if you’re playing a campaign anyway, then there’s all sorts of other ways to create scenarios. For this reason, there are no uneven Points Matches, it doesn’t take into account siege games, skirmishes, or other types of games. The scenario generator is not intended to encompass the entirety of the Warhammer gaming experience, but hopefully offers an alternative to the straightforward 2,000 points Pitched Battle.

This scenario generator comes in two parts. First of all, I will present the Random Scenario Generator. This allows players to create a scenario to play in a short space of time. After that you will find the Master Strategists’ scenario generator. This introduces a much more strategic level of planning for players to consider when choosing their armies and represents their pre-battle manoeuvres. There’s a lot more thinking involved with the Master Strategist’s version, so I suggest playing with the Random Generator a few times to learn the basic system before launching into your bid for general of the year. Or, if you like, just stick with the Random Generator for your games.

This download includes

  • A clean, color, PDF version of the Generator (probably from White Dwarf?)
  • A black & white printed & scanned copy of the Scenario Generator for the 2006 Games Workshop website (thanks Balmonec!)

Checkout the original webpage on The Wayback Machine here!


by Gav Thorpe @ Games Workshop

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