Warhammer Fantasy Terrain Generator

a terrain generator tuned for WHFB 8th edition

This generator takes the 6th edition terrain generation tables, with the diverse environments such as Realms of Men, Badlands, Mountains, etc, and fits them the 8th edition terrain options.  Included are what are call ‘shrines’: if a defending, native player rolls a settlement or encampment (can be anything from a few houses to a double-building Elven Hall), this includes not only obstacles but also a shrine, which is a magical focus which benefits the defender. Empire defenders can pick ‘Sigmarite shrines’, Bretonnians can pick ‘Grail Chapels’, Dwarves can pick ‘Dwarven Brewhouse’, Undead can pick ‘Charnel Pit’ and Dark Elves of course can pick ‘ Altar of Khaine’. The list goes on.  As a little bonus, the last page includes a quick reference of all the terrain pieces from the table, so you don’t have to flip through the Rulebook. Some of these include small changes, such as the ‘Sorcerous Portal’ having a max of 24″ on its spells, and they can be dispelled as normal.

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by Nuno Martins (Warhammer Narratives)

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