Lunar Assault

a 2 mission tree campaign designed for WH40k Crusade

After months of grueling siege warfare, the two sides have reached a tactical deadlock. Secure in their fortified position, the defenders appear set to hold out indefinitely. At great cost, the Attackers believe they have finally discovered the fortress’ secret weakness: A thin stretch of ground on the fortress’ Eastern front that has natural cover from the base’s artillery and is virtually undefended. There’s just one catch: The area is covered by tidal pools filled with rough, acidic waters that make traversing it impossible, allowing it to be defended by a small number of dedicated forces.

Forced to think outside the box, the Attacker’s engineers have come up with a bold solution for assaulting this position: By destroying the planet’s moon, they’ll be able to cause the tides to recede, freeing up their path for a nighttime assault. Splitting their forces, they’ve launched a daring pair of attacks: One force will plant detonation charges in key areas on the planet’s moon while the others wait for the destruction below and ready the assault. The defenders have gotten word of this however, and have sent forces of their own to stop it.

There are two missions here: The first mission – Many Problems, One Solution – is designed to be played with either a Combat Patrol or Incursion force, while the second – The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress – is designed to be played at the 2,000 points level (Strike Force). If you have Crusade Forces large enough, we recommend that both players should commit to splitting their forces before the first mission, choosing which units from their Crusade rosters will participate in the Moon battle and which will take part in the battle on the planet’s surface. Once determined, these armies cannot be changed – the die has been cast!

It is recommended that Mission 1 be played on the Moon Base Klaisus terrain set and boards.

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by Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones @ Goonhammer

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