Warhammer AHOY!

Extensive skirmish rules for naval combat set in the WHFB universe

These rules are dedicated to all players of Ahoy!, probably the best set of Warhammer Ship Rules out there. The name Ahoy! is now used worldwide to describe ship based games, but this is still the original and best AHOY!

These rules have benefited from 8 years of playing by people all over the world. My need to streamline the game for big show events like Gamesday, and more recently the opportunity to work with Tim Kulinski the writer of Legends Of The High Seas, who asked me on board to fiddle with ships for him.

This set of rules is still really intended to be a skirmish game and I certainly will be playing that way, but it has now evolved to include various races and has sailed out of the River Reik and onto the seas of the Warhammer World. These are the main sailing and combat rules, split into Basic and Advanced.

This download contains the Warhammer Ahoy!:

  • Third Edition Rules
  • Magic at Sea v1
  • Fleet Lists
    • Empire
    • Dwarf
    • Chaos
  • Dwarf Submarine Rules
  • The Cured & The Damned Rules
  • Reference Sheet

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Special thanks to David Heathershaw for providing some hard to find files!


by Tim Eagling

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