The Scouring of Trolls Bottom

Skirmish rules for a WHFB scenario for 2+ players & a GM

The Scouring of Troll’s Bottom’ is a scenario designed for use with some of Satyr Studio‘s magnificent old school Bog Troll miniatures, as well as some characterful dwarves, famers, a merchant and his retinue, or frankly any fun retro-style figures you happen to have lying around, or can beg, borrow, or steal (Please do try to avoid the latter though). See the page at the end of this booklet for specific suggestions.

You will need those aforementioned miniatures, a largish table (6’x4’ is traditional), an opponent or two (or even three or four), and a Gamemaster, whose job it is to make things more difficult, engaging, and fun for everyone. Drinks, snacks, a ruler, dice, and your favourite set of fantasy combat rules, are also appropriate, although not absolutely necessary to be honest . The key thing is that everyone enjoys themselves. So, if you want to play the scenarios in a narrative way, and resolve the combat by who can jump the highest, eat a lettuce fastest, or most accurately quote a scene from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, then do it! The most important thing is to have fun.

by Tim Pollard for Satyr Studio

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