Warcry 2.0 Core Rules

official Core Rules for the skirmish game Warcry

You can learn how to play Warcry in a matter of minutes – the basic version of the core rules are simple and intuitive, but packed with tactical complexity. With this document in hand, you’ll have almost everything you need to get started – you just need your warband, a clear surface to play on, a scattering of terrain, a measuring device, a few dice, and a set of fighter cards.  There are cards for hundreds of fighters in warbands belonging to each of the four Grand Alliances – ChaosDeathDestruction, and Order – so if you’ve got an army for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, it’s very likely that you can already build a warband of your own.

You can read more about these rules here!

Download these rules directly from the Warhammer Community site here!


by Games Workshop

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