Cado Ezechiar & Drekki Flynt Rules & Scenarios

official Age of Sigmar rules for two Black Library characters plus narrative Scenarios for each!

The Soulblight vampire Cado Ezechiar fights for vengeance with supernatural martial prowess – and his ability to call upon the spirits of his lost court, who are bound to magical rings.

The Soulsearching battleplan pits Cado and a roving band of mercenaries against a warlord’s tower packed with guards, revellers, and nobles. Each quarter of the battlefield represents a floor of the fortress that the Hollow King must fight his way up in a gruelling gauntlet of custom rules.

Drekki Flynt is just at home in battle as he is revelling in taverns across the Mortal Realms. Every Kharadron raconteur needs his trusty ship, and Drekki’s is his trusty Frigate, the Aelsling.

Drekki’s battleplan is Mutiny on the Aelsling. Two armies made up of a motley band of heroes battle it out for control of the ship, with unique command abilities. Take the wheel to win, while watching your footing and keeping an eye out for the hungry Harkraken writhing below.

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by Games Workshop

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