The Slayer Army of Karak Kadrin

official WHFB 6e rules for creating an all Dwarf Slayer army

Karak Kadrin, which means “Hold of the Mountain Pass” in Khazalid, also known as Slayers Keep, is a Dwarf stronghold which guards a region of mountainous passes known simply as Peak Pass. Despite being besieged countless times, Karak Kadrin has never fallen. Its impregnability is probably due to the fact it has become the home of the feared Dwarfen Slayers, who are naturally attracted to such a contested place. On account of this, Karak Kadrin is commonly known as “Slayers Keep,” and is an important centre for the worship of Grimnir, the Dwarf Ancestor God epitomizing fearlessness and fighting spirit.

Following the tradition of his ancestors, Ungrim Ironfist, the king of Karak Kadrin, has taken the Slayer oath himself and must serve both as king of his realm and as a Slayer. However, bound by his duties as a monarch, he cannot leave and seek a honourable death in combat. Therefore he fulfils his Slayer oath by providing for other Slayers as they seek to fulfil their vows. At Karak Kadrin, a weary Slayer may find lodging, food, and hospitality for as long as he needs it before resuming his quest for death. In return, those Slayers who remain at the keep are expected to help the King uphold his pledge to guard Peak Pass.

This download includes the original PDF with rules on creating an all Dwarf Slayer for WHFB 6th edition.

Download the original WHFB 6e Slayer army rules from The Wayback Machine here!


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