Vampires in Lustria

a Ladder Campaign for WHFB 6e featuring Vampire Counts & Lizardmen

In the Imperial Year 876, a band of Norse raiders bound for Lustria captured a merchant vessel of the Empire. Unbeknownst to the Norsemen, the ship’s hold contained the body of the Vampire Luthor Harkon. By the time the ship reached the waters of Lustria, the entire crew had been killed or turned into the walking dead. The ship crashed on a reef, but Harkon – along with a handful of his Undead followers – made it to shore.

There, the ambitious Harkon built himself a mighty army of Undead from the bodies of dead sailors and pirates who washed ashore after being shipwrecked on the dangerous reefs off the Lustrian shore. The army expanded, and a small empire, which would become known as the Vampire Coast, was founded on the southeastern shores of Lustria.

Harkon’s ambition knew no bounds. Once established in the new land, he began to explore the ruins of the Lizardmen and the Old Ones and coveted the artifacts hidden in the temples, particularly the mummified remains of the Slann, which Harkon knew would be sources of great necromantic power. In his quest to obtain these artifacts, Harkon’s army destroyed the Lizardman city of Axlotl and, hungry for more conquest, began marching inland. Slann Lord Xltep of Itza understood the danger his ancient city faced and dispatched his warriors to intercept the army of the Vampire. Aided by the ancient Kroxigor Nakai, the Lizardmen were able to halt Harkon’s advance and drive back the Undead horde to the Vampire Coast.

This download is for a Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3 series ladder campaign pitting the Vampire Counts against the Lizardmen.

The download includes a printed/scanned copy of the Campaign (thanks Balmonec!).

You can also find the campaign digitally (but missing a few images) at The Wayback Machine here.


by Games Workshop

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