The Conquest of Nova Sepira IV

a multi-system narrative campaign set in the Horus Heresy

This is a narrative campaign for the Horus Heresy centered around the war for the important industrial world of Nova Sepira IV.

More than just a traditional campaign, this supplement combines the land battles of the Horus Heresy, close quarters Zone Mortalis action and the epic space battles of Battlefleet Gothic.

Take command of forces ranging from small boarding parties to giant warfleets and secure the planet in the name of the Emperor – or the Warmaster!

Included in this book:

  • The setting and the story of the campaign
  • Campaign rules and missions culminating in a massive final battle in space and on the war-torn planet
  • Datasheets for characters, units and vehicles for the Blood Angels, Iron Hands, Emperor’s Children and Iron Warriors Legions

This campaign utilizes rules from:

Checkout this campaign at the author’s site here!

Special thanks to Idunnoguy for making me aware of this very cool campaign!


by Panopticon Wargaming

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