Battletome Supplement: Ironjawz

an AoS 3.0 supplement for Ironjawz containing rules & lore for new units

The Ironjawz wage war in a simple but effective manner. A Waaagh! will typically find the most direct line between itself and an opponent, and proceed to close the gap with unrelenting purpose and deafening enthusiasm. Woe betide anyone daft enough to stand in the way.

These orruks are drawn to the monstrous hogs which reave across the realms, breeds that display the same thick-skulled toughness and belligerent attitude as their greenskin pals. The biggest of these are known as Maw-gruntas – hunks of muscle and matted fur that plough through enemy formations with lethal momentum.

When one of these beasts starts rampaging, it is nearly impossible to stop. The carnage they create impresses the Ironjawz no end – capturing a Maw-grunta to tame as a mount is a dangerous but rewarding task, one that reinforces an orruk’s reputation and provides them with a foul-tempered living weapon.

This download contains rules & lore for the following Ironjawz units:

  • Orruk Ardboyz
  • Maw-grunta Gougers
  • Maw-grunta with Hakkin’ Krew
  • Ardboy Big Boss
  • Zoggrok Anvilsmasha
  • Tuskboss on Maw-grunta
  • Brute Ragerz
  • Weirdbrute Wrekkaz

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by Games Workshop

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