On The Trail Of A Dragon

a 4-scenario WHFB 6e ladder campaign for Dwarfs!

Once there was a time when dragons soared freely across the skies of the Old World. Those days are long since gone, as the great sky wyrms were slain or driven into the mountains by those who feared them. Now, only a few races have encounters with dragons, and then only rarely.

Six hundred and fifty years before the dawn of the Human Empire, the Dwarfen kingdoms still stretched, across the western slopes of the Worlds Edge Mountains. The Dwarfs had discovered during their centuries under these mountains that ancient creatures sporadically inhabited its caves and tunnels. Even the mightiest of Dwarfs felt a twinge of fear when one of these dragons rose from its slumber and began to lash out at those who dared wake it. This is the story of the great dragon Skaladrak lncarnadine and some of his encounters with the Dwarfs.

This download includes a printed & scanned copy of the original webpage (thanks Balmonec!)

See the original webpage for the campaign at The Wayback Machine here!


by Bryan Barnes c/o Games Workshop

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