The Misbehavior of the Great Wizard Fawkes

a 3 battle, AoS, campaign for multiple players

The fatuous Wizard Fawkes was a powerful and unstable wizard that has not been seen since before the End Times. When he showed up, he made friend and foe nervous with his flights of fancy. To him, nothing was worse than a one sided victory. Most conflicts that he participated in ended up with just a handful of survivors crawling away to tell the tales.

Eons have passed since then. The Old World has been rend asunder and turned to ash that has been spread through the Winds of Magic. The Mortal Realms are still new to a surviving populace of warriors; still being mapped out by exploration and necessity.

As the General of your army, you have heard rumors of the Wizard’s treasure hoard being discovered not far from here. Quickly, gather a group of scouts and send them on their way. Procuring the spoils could reap enough coin to ensure your foreseeable survival, or even a priceless artefact or two to help you swathe your way through any foe that dares to get in your way.

The Misbehavior of the Great Wizard Fawkes is a one day narrative event that is comprised of 3 battles. First, is the scouting parties trying to establish a base camp and begin amassing a treasure cache. This is played out as a 35 renown Skirmish game. Next, the armies arrive to stake their claim. The chaotic flames of war and fickle allegiances awake the spirit of the Wizard Fawkes. Generals can pay coin for the Wizard’s favor. They can purchase spells, artefacts, reinforcements, or other interlopings. The more the request tickles the Wizard’s fancy, the more likely you will receive his blessing. This is played out as a free for all game of Triumph and Treachery using the Path to Glory method of creating an army. Finally, the two armies with the most coin will team together and take shelter in a local stronghold and make their final stand. This is a game of Siege Warfare that builds off of the army started in the second round.


by Matt Hayward of NEON

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