NOVA Open Grand Narrative 2018: Dawnland

A 9 scenario, narrative AoS, campaign for Multiple Players

Welcome to the third annual grand narrative play event of Warhammer Age of Sigmar at NOVA Open 2018.  The event has built an experience for players that expands on the story of Dawnland, an obscure province in the Ulgu: Realm of Shadows. Players bring a painted 1500-point army along with figures of their choice to represent a unique champion and a skyvessel or riding beast of their own design and construction.

Although the Dawnland rebellion ended a century ago, its legacy endures. Players from the prologue can bring their warlord and armies to this event or start here. Each day starts with a narrative round in the charity lounge and guild meetings during which each team discusses strategy and spends campaign resources before going down to the gaming hall for the game rounds.

The first part is composed of small battles between players with a focus on developing some background for the armies and generals fighting in Dawnland through the coming days.  Players will each be given command of a Ship of Renown and participate in a multiplayer battle during the epic Battle of the Four Fleets in the Imrian Sea.

The second part of the event starts with an introduction and players are divided into teams representing the 4 guilds. Then players gather to play through two game rounds featuring 1500 point cohort armies with champion and skyvessel, followed by a multi-player coalition of death game featuring a siege with ships and a coastal fortress using the Gathering of Might rules from the General’s Handbook 2018.

Next another narrative round and then play through two game rounds with 1000 point company sized armies with champion and skyvessel.  A final narrative round will allow guilds to conduct diplomacy and plan for the final battles of the event.

The campaign culminates with a narrative session, two game rounds, and a final narrative round resolving each storyline for the four guilds and the future of Dawnland.



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