The Gauntlet

an official, GW, Necromunda scenario for 2 players

The Rust Town Run is legendary among the underhive inhabitants of Hive Primus. Every sump-scraper, dome runner and ripper herder has heard the tales of Bald Bryen’s path of perils, and when news spreads of a gang willing to take on the Mayor of Rust Town’s maze, hivers flock to see the action. Spectators cram themselves into vent shafts and drain irises, or gather around flickering pict-screens for a good view of the action. Fistfuls of scrip change hands as they bet on the runners, getting good odds on who is most likely to be eviscerated or the number of Juves who fall into the grinder. For a gang, the run is a chance to prove their worth and win glory for their House, plus maybe even snag one of Bald Bryen’s ‘chrono crystals’ – rare gems worth a Guilder’s ransom in creds.

Of course the Rust Town Run is more than just a dungeon of deadly perils and when a gang takes up the challenge, the call goes out for skilled killers to oppose them. There is no shortage of gangers willing to don the mantle of one of Bryen’s hunters, the chance to stop a run in its tracks almost as prestigious as completing one.

No one knows for sure when Bald Bryen’s Rust Town Run started or where the crazed mayor got the
idea, though more than one Guilder has made the comparison between the Rust Town Run and stories of Helmawr’s Gauntlet. When the great wheels of industry complete their long and prodigious revolution, Helmawr’s scriveners descend upon the Clan Houses to count the fruits of their labour and measure it against the hive tithe quotas. When these vast tallies are reckoned, one House stands at the top of the production output and another at the bottom. In his beneficence, Helmawr allows the lowly House a chance to reclaim its honour by sending its champions to complete his Gauntlet – a maze of  punishment chambers designed to torment both mind and body. The other Houses can send their own champions to see that the lowly House stays in its place, and so take on a role not unlike Bald Bryen’s hunters. If the lowly House can defeat Helmawr’s Gauntlet then the Lord of Necromunda might grant them his forgiveness and a measure of the top House’s output – all the more reason for the other Houses to make sure they fail. So it is for the Rust Town Run, and if a gang can win their way through, their fortunes will swell, almost always at the expense of the gang that failed to stop them.

For those who think the horror-infested depths of the underhive aren’t dangerous enough – there’s the Rust Town Run! This special scenario utilises the Necromunda Badzone Delta-7 tile set to create a twisting maze of death – pitting runners against hunters as one player tries to guide their gangers to glory, while the other tries to knock them into giant fans and blazing furnaces!

In addition to The Gauntlet scenario, this download also contains rules to use the Badzone Delta-7 Necromunda tile pack.

This file, as well as additional official downloads, can be found at the Games Workshop Downloads page.


By Games Workshop

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