The Conquest of Lustria

A 12 round, map based, multi player campaign for WHFB with an Item Shop mechanic

The Conquest of Lustria takes place in the Warhammer world, on the continent of Lustria, far across the ocean to the southwest of the Empire. Lustria is a thick jungle wilderness home to Lizardmen temple-cities, giant reptiles, amazonian tribes, and many other wonders.

The Slann Mage-Priests, large frog-like ancients of tremendous psychic power, lie in a fragile state of deep cosmic meditation; their minds working through space and time to communicate with the Old Ones. The loss of even a single Slann would be a tragic disaster for the already waning race of Lizardmen, and the saurus are remiss to leave them undefended. Saurus leaders have decreed that no host is to leave an active temple-city while its Mage-Priest slumbers, leaving the whole of Lustria unguarded. The time is primed for conquest, and your forces have just landed ashore!


The Conquest of Lustria campaign takes place over the course of twelve turns, using a hex map to keep track of progress and expansion as armies move about the continent.
Each turn, players roll for random events, move their armies, wage war, purchase items, and claim territory to expand their empires.

To play this supplement, you will need a copy of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles rulebook, the included hex map , counters, and each player will need a Warhammer army and corresponding army book. Your playgroup must agree on a set points size the campaign, and elect a Campaign Master to serve as an arbiter and organizer.

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by Raf Calderon

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