Pirate Princes of Saratosa

A, 7 turn, map based WHFB campaign for small warbands

Known for its status as the lawless hub of a vast seafaring criminal network, the island of Sartosa harbors countless pirates, thieves,fugitives, exiles, and all manner of dishonest souls. Fiercely indepen­dent, Sartosa is ruled solely by anarchy and strength of force, and here, no force is stronger than that of the pirates. It is not uncommon for pirate lords to fight amongst themselves, vying for the title of Pirate King, fleeting as it may be.

This lawlessness makes Sartosa neutral ground, and pirate captains may dock at Sartosan ports free from worry of traditional Jaw. This freedom also means that safety is not guaranteed, and the meeting of rival pirate captains or entire crews can prove explosive.

Currently, many of the most powerful pirate lords have mustered for a raid down the coast of Araby, leaving Sartosa open to any crews brave enough to explore the island and make a name for themselves. Seize the opportunity and rise a Pirate King!

The Pirate Princes of Sartosa campaign takes place over the course of seven turns on a predetermined hex map of the island of Sartosa, and is intended to be a manage­able, low-points campaign that can be played over the course of a weekend or a few sessions.

Each turn, players roll for random events, move their warbands around the island, visit cities and points of interest, collect and turn in quests, hire special campaign characters, and fight to gain renown in the pirate underworld.

To play this supplement, you will need a copy of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles rulebook, the included hex map system, counters, and each player will need a Warhammer army and its corresponding army book. The group should also have additional miscellaneous models to represent the varied characters they may recruit. Finally, the playgroup will need to elect a campaign master to serve as arbiter and organizer.

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by Raf Calderon

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