The Assault on Migale Prime

6 mission narrative WH40k campaign for multiple players

The Ultima Segmentum is by far the largest Segmentum, and is home to feted realms such as Ultramar, and Badab. The Segmentum has seen much war over the millenia. Fleets of Chaos spew from the Maelstrom, great Waaghs! rampage through the sector, and the dreaded Hive Fleets of the Tyranids claw into Imperial space from the Galactic east. Local forces of the Imperium have won great renown, with legends like the Ultramarines and the Crimson Fists needing to defend its worlds time and time again.

The Migale Dominus System is one of many Imperium held systems within the Ultima Segmentum, and has been noted as one of the most stable Imperial Domains within the Vidar Sector. First discovered during the the Forging of M32, the system has come under several attacks across the centuries, as it has risen to prominence within the local subsector, pirate raids and xenos incursions alike turned aside by the cold intellect of the system’s Martian Overlords. However, the laws of the Galaxy have changed. The warp writhes in an open wound across the Segmentum, shaking the Migale System to its core.


by Bad Moon Cafe

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