The Drucilian Enigma

a 6 mission, GM'd, WH40k narrative campaign for multiple players

It is late in the 41st Millennium and the galaxy is split asunder by the Cixatrix Maledictum. War and strife rage across many worlds and countless battlefields.But, in a near forgotten corner of Segmentum Tempestus in Sub-Sector Drucilian of the Orphean Region there rages a dire struggle for a dark and ancient power from eons ago…Many factions vie for supremacy. Who shall claim victory ?

Welcome Commander, to the Drucilian Sub-Sector. War rages across this region and many voices cry out for salvation and vengeance. However, you have a more discreet mission. For many thousands of years there have been rumors and ravings of an ancient and powerful monument, far older than the Imperium, hidden upon one of the worlds in this area of space. Not much truth was ever ascribed to these reports…until now.

by Aaron Poppie

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