Crusade of the Blackstone Fortress

a map based, WH40k campaign for multiple players, inspired by the Game of Thrones board game

This is an adaptation of the board game Game Of Thrones where players vie for control of Westeros. In this grand campaign, however, it will resemble that of Dawn of War Dark Crusade. Many of the GoT systems remain the same, albeit the words and some functions have changed or been added. The setting involves large map affairs that embroil into politics with bitter rivals to achieve ultimate victory over the sector.  Alliances may be formed, but backstabbing may occur as every faction vies for control of 7 fortresses.

The blackstone fortress has drifted space not far from a sector wrought with war. Three planets in 3 separate systems have become embroiled in bitter conflict with one another and among the planet surface itself. While Chaos & Imperium have raced toward uncovering the secrets of the blackstone fortress, the forces of these worlds see a far larger goal. . . control over its systems and the system itself.

by Andrew J. Farmer

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