Lustria Campaign

a multi-player WHFB 8e narrative campaign

Tales of Lustria have filled taverns with the dreams of plunder and gold for generations. Now is your chance to captain a force and head to the jungle yourself and return with gold and powerful magic that will cement your legacy within the history of the Old World.

You lead an army of mercenaries, pirates, and warriors to the shores of one of the most mysterious places that exist in the world. Your quest leads you through long abandoned cities of the old ones, through ancient burial grounds and mystical monuments to find the Golden Pyramid of the Heavens, rumored to hold a fabled golden treasure known as the Serpents Crown which not only being worth a king’s fortune is also said to be infused with the powers of the ancients and can grant untold powers to its owner.

Campaigning in Lustria will not be like campaigning in many places of the old world. You will be fighting not only your enemies, but multiple enemies, for it is every man for himself. The land itself will be an enemy that you must fight, and the Old Ones do not give their secrets easily…

This work is inspired from the Lustria supplement, produced by Games Workshop in 2005.

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by Chris “Auticus” Nye

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