Realms at War 2019: Uprising

A, minimally competetive, narrative AoS tournament

There is unrest in the Mortal Realms. Disharmony and malcontent at the daily struggle to survive has enthused firebrand preachers, political agitators and radical anarchists to initiate an uprising against the current ruling classes. Working towards a common goal under a mysterious leadership, these small rebel bands have formed a loose coalition aiming to usurp those in power.

Alarmed at the potential disruption to the fragile political structures and fledgling economies which enable inhabitants to endure (and not to mention the threat to their own positions), the ruling authorities have started to broker alliances with each other in order to counter the dangers they face. In addition to the military forces at their command, armed civilian militias containing both volunteers and conscripts are taught basic combat techniques in preparation to defend their homes, their families and their ways of life.

The Uprising is about to begin…

Over this two day event, you will be absorbed into a dramatic story of rebellion where your Regiment of Renown will support their side and attempt to either successfully overthrow the current leaders of the realms, or quell the insurrections and maintain the stability and relative safety of the current governance. Your trials and tribulations will be played over six or
seven scenarios of varying size plus a secret side event. This will not be a ‘typical’ tournament; it will be a hobby orientated event. There will be a small competitive element, but if you are after a full on competitive tournament, this event probably isn’t for you!



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