Realms at War 2020: Cogforts

A, minimally competetive, narrative AoS tournament

As the sun started to set, the figure sat back gazing at the exposed broken panel before them. It was a fragment of Cogfort armour. There could be no doubt that the Ogor has been telling the truth and perhaps more fragments could be found around the tracks…

In the distance, a large Ogor watched the figure from behind a massive blue boulder and grinned widely, exposing wonky and browning teeth. He did not believe that Cogforts could be found but he knew that possibly parts and fragments could be. All he needed was someone to find them and to build a new Cogfort. Then, after a bit of ‘persuasion’ from his Thundermace, he would have an army and this time Dracothfoote would not be able to threaten his people’s freedoms. As a side effect, and obviously not the overriding reason he had spent months convincing gullible fools to search for Cogparts, the name of Brightmane would once more be uttered with pride.

Over this two day event, you will be absorbed into a dramatic story of engineering archaeology (yes, really; we’re trying to make engineering archaeology cool…ok, maybe not cool but it’ll definitely be fun!) where your Cogseer will travel the realms to locate ‘Dig’ areas which they believe to be rich in buried ancient Cogparts. The Cogseer will use these Cogparts in their attempt to reconstruct the Cogfort of their dreams (or nightmares). The Cogseers journey will be played over six or seven scenarios of varying size plus a secret side event.

This will not be a ‘typical’ tournament; it will be a hobby orientated event. There will be a small competitive element, but if you are after a full on competitive tournament, this event probably isn’t for you!

Check out the teaser trailer!


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