Realms at War 2018: Aethermy

A, minimally competitive, narrative campaign for AoS

Do you understand Aether? No, you don’t. That’s because no resident of the Mortal Realms truly comprehends the erratic and fantastical nature of this substance.

Sometimes highly reactive and sometimes totally inert (although most of the time the former is true); it is considered bizarre and incredibly dangerous by most. However, as always, there are those who wish to try to understand and utilise Aether to their advantage and these individuals are known as Aethermysts. A brave, bold and frankly slightly suicidal creature who embarks upon the study of Aether, does not fear death for they consider that the rewards outweigh the risks many fold.

Typically, the lifespan of a newly ‘qualified’ Aethermyst* is extremely short. The rarest of profession in the Mortal Realms is that of a Master Aethermyst. Considered oracles among their kindred, they will have survived one
whole day of experimenting the mixing of Aether with another component!

The only word that causes hysterical terror to an Aethermyst is ‘potatofication’! But hey, as we said earlier, the rewards are worth the risks aren’t they?

*To qualify as an Aethermyst, one only has to state they want to study aether, ask someone else about aether or just look in the general direction of aether. It’s probably the easiest qualification anyone can ever receive. It will almost certainly be the last.


Over the two day event, you will be immersed in a thrilling tale where your Aethermyst and their followers attempt to
learn more about Aether and the strange properties that it possesses. Your trials and tribulations will be played over
seven scenarios of varying size plus a side event on the Saturday evening. This will not be a ‘typical’ tournament; it will be a hobby orientated narrative event. There will be a small competitive element, but if you are after a full on competitive tournament, this event probably isn’t for you!

Check out the teaser trailer.



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