Realms at War 2017: Leviathan

A, minimally competetive, narrative tournament for Age of Sigmar

Hunting is commonplace throughout the Mortal Realms and at some point all its denizens will engage in the activity. Those chosen by their kindred to take on the mantle of ‘Hunter’ are skilled trackers and able to deliver targeted blows to either kill or subjugate the Hunted, depending on their preference for cooked or raw flesh. In times of plenty, the hunted creatures can thrive and the strongest, fittest and most capable will evade the Hunters and often grow to an immense size.

The mightiest of these creatures are known as Leviathans and as the prestige of capturing such a creature alive is so great, the Hunter will spend every ounce of effort to ensnare the animal rather than slaying it for sustenance. Once caged and tamed, the beast will be taken to the Monstrous Arena, where Hunters can show off their trophies and boast of their achievements. The Leviathans are pitted against one another to determine the greatest Hunter of all. The Hunters will go to extreme lengths to give their Leviathan the best chance of success. Drugging of Leviathans is widespread. Training regimes of their opponents are often interrupted through all manner of nefarious tactics. The most desperate even resort to sneaking into the pen of an opponent’s Leviathan to damage hooves, scales, horns, or, for the bravest, teeth.


Over the two days, you will be immersed in a thrilling tale where your Hunter and his followers attempt to raise a Leviathan that would be remembered by historians. Your trials and tribulations will be played over five scenarios of varying size (from Hinterland skirmishes, standard battles and a massive Triumph & Treachery game), plus the thrilling Monstrous Arena on the Saturday evening.

This will not be a ‘typical’ tournament; it will be a hobby orientated event. There will be a small competitive element, but if you are after a full on competitive tournament, this event probably isn’t for you!



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