Into the depths of the Glymmsforge Catacombs

an official, solo, endless campaign for Age of Sigmar

On the outskirts of the city of Glymmsforge can be found many entrances into its ancient and sprawling catacombs. Only the foolish would dare enter the darkness of those crypts, for vile ghosts and phantasmal creatures lurk within. Yet thanks to the whispers of riches beyond measure to be found in their depths, a steady stream of adventurers still venture into the gloom to try their luck. Most are never seen again. You lead one such party of treasure hunters, so the question is: how long can you survive in the depths of Glymmsforge?

The rules in this booklet will allow you to venture into the Glymmsforge Catacombs, either alone or with a group of fellow adventurers, to see what treasures you can find and how long you can survive. Here you will play multiple games of Age of Sigmar, each linked in a mini-campaign, battling not against an opponent but against the game itself, which will throw all manner of Nighthaunt adversaries at you.

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by Sam Pearson @ Games Workshop

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