Tragic Heroes

a 5-scenario WHFB 6e ladder campaign for Dwarf Slayers

Snorri and his companions had dodged rockfalls, traversed bottomless chasms, and navigated endless ruined tunnels, but finally they were in the heart of the Underway where the enemies of the Dwarfs could be found massing. This was where Slayers truly belonged, in the collapsed halls of the Ungrin hunting and killing colossal beasts – not on the sunny battlefields above where death arrives by arrow shaft. Down here was a noble death, grappling with a deadly opponent!

This download includes a printed & scanned copy of the campaign rules (thanks Balmonec!) as well as the original PDF for creating a WHFB 6th edition Slayer army.

See the original campaign website on The Wayback Machine here!

Download the original Slayer army rules from The Wayback Machine here!


by Games Workshop

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