Warhammer Achievement 2019 – Blood & Glory

A unique 'achievement' based AoS narrative tournament

As you look through the rules pack you should see that overall victory does not require you to win all your games. Instead it is based around what you bring to the hobby in terms of painting, the decisions that you make before and during your games, and how you interact with your opponent. Victory will not always mean smashing your opponent off the table (although if you do you will get an Achievement point…). However, we do appreciate that Age of Sigmar is a game about winning battles, so there will be a Best General award for the person who does the best in all five games – being good at Age of Sigmar should always be encouraged and rewarded. The first round is drawn randomly, grudges will, of course, be allowed, but as is traditional at Warhammer Achievements these are done in Round 5 as the storylines and army choice often influence who you may wish to Grudge!

OK, so the achievements are the main focus of the Warhammer Achievement event. The award for Best Overall will go to the player who gains the most achievements throughout the day. This means, of course, that the winner could come from anywhere within the field and the Achievements are hopefully diverse enough that they can be attained in any situation. Be warned though; getting every Achievement is probably not possible, and to gain the most Achievements you will probably need to do things in games that would not normally seem, let us say, sensible. For example, you would not normally charge your entire army on one turn, but to get one of the Achievements that is what you will need to do. The idea is to promote fun games where the unexpected happens and show off the narrative side of Age of Sigmar.


by Bad Dice @ NEON

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