Mini War Gaming’s Forbidden Power Campaign Expansion

enhanced rules for the AoS 2.0 Forbidden Power expansion

Near the edge of the Realm of Ghur, beast magic is running rampant, and Sigmar has locked away a wide variety of treasures, beasts, wild spells, and other mysteries inside of an enormous Grand Stormvault known as The Dragontooth Labyrinth.

The Dragontooth Labyrinth was broken open by the Necroquake, unsealing dungeons and caverns that hadn’t seen the light of day for thousands of years. Some were forced to the surface, others could be found at the bottom of chasms thousands of feet deep. And yet many more are still sealed away, waiting to be explored.

As legends would have it, during the Age of Myth Sigmar did battle with many mighty godbeasts. One of these was a mighty Wyrm in the Realm of Ghur, named Covryss the Beastmonger. After many days of combat Sigmar was the victor. However, much to his dismay he found that the wild magics of the Realm of Beasts constantly regenerated the beast, allowing it to heal and live again.

His only option was to sunder the Beastmonger into many pieces and hide them away in a powerful Stormvault, placing protective spells and wards to keep it from regenerating. Many parts of this dragon have gained their own sentience, molding themselves into powerful relics, or fusing with incredible Endless Spells.

Because of its proximity to the edge of the Realm of Ghur, the Realmscape features and Spells of Ghur have been enhanced, making them far more dangerous for all to use, and yet far more deadly.

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