MWG’s 40k Path to Glory System

a homebrew update to the WH40k Path to Glory campaign system for 9e

Games Workshop’s official Warhammer 40,000 Path to Glory campaign rules are outdated (2015).  Mini War Gaming has taken the liberty of creating an unofficial custom ruleset with accompanying army tables. What you’re about to read is 100% unofficial and not endorsed by Games Workshop and represents a fun way to play with your Citadel Miniatures. The majority of the rules and wording are from the original Path to Glory Call of Chaos but have been amended and changed as deemed appropriate.

Path to Glory provides you with rules for collecting one of the many Chaos warbandsthat beset the galaxy in the war-torn 41st Millennium. You will assume the role of a  mighty Champion of Chaos and lead your fearsome hordes in battle against your rivals. Amidst the carnage, you will strive to win the favour of the Ruinous Powers; your ultimate goals are the boon of immortality and endless glory. Fail in the eyes of the gods, however, and eternal torment awaits …

You can download the most up to date version of these rules at the Author’s Google Drive here!

Checkout Mini War Gaming’s video series as they play through a number of 40k Path to Glory campaigns here!

Click here for the official download page for all of Mini War Gaming’s free material!


by Mini War Gaming

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