Fallout Narrative Campaign

a Fallout themed, WH40k 8e, narrative campaign framework for a GM & 1+ players

You’re a vault dweller from Vault 84 and you’ve awoken from cryosleep. You manage to find a jumpsuit and you put it on. Everyone from the Vault seems to be missing and you’re the only one left. After a walkthrough of your vault you conclude that supplies have been picked over. You’ve got nothing but your fists and your grit to find out what happened to the dwellers of Vault 84 and reconnect with the community you’ve once considered family. Your mind is fuzzy as you leave the Vault and enter the Wasteland. You don’t quite have amnesia in the traditional sense but you are hazy to say the least. Your priority is to your home (Vault 84) and finding out what happened to everyone who lived there.

This document is a framework that will help you develop a Fallout themed narrative campaign for you and your friends.  It contains rules for creating characters, upgrading those characters through an experience mechanism, and handling injuries.  It contains custom Fallout themed items, strategems, and weapons.  A sample mission (Dunn Deal by Daniel Robinson) is included, however it is up to the GM to develop the bulk of the mission and storyline.

You can download the most up to date version of the campaign rules at the Author’s Google Drive here!

You can download the most up to date version of the included scenario Dunn Deal at the Author’s Google Drive here!

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Read more about Daniel Robinson’s experience developing Dunn Deal at his blog here!

Click here for the official download page for all of Mini War Gaming’s free material!


by Sebastian Rahmer, Terry Bowman, Matthew Bartley, William Couling, Daniel Robinson, Jonathan “Mike Ross” Smith, Paul Privitera, Matthew Andriaccio, Sven Sederquist C/O Mini War Gaming

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