Millennium of War

a collection of Warhammer 40k fan fiction short stories

It is a time of unspeakable hatred and destruction.  The major species of the galaxy toil endlessly for survival and dominance.  The Imperium of Man struggles mightily against uncountable hordes of hostile xenos while the ever looming thread of heresy persists.

This book started on a whim while I was browsing reddit one afternoon in March of 2021. After reading numerous posts of fan fiction that were as good, if not better than a lot of sanctioned work, I put out a call for authors to create a stand-alone anthology for the fascinating and captivating world of Warhammer 40K. Our initial goal was to have stories of roughly 20 pages each, dedicated to different 40K factions. The end result was pretty damn close to the initial project plan, and we hope you are delighted with the diversity of stories covering so many different factions. To make this project exceptionally challenging and test the mettle of the authors, all stories had to be turned in by May 5th for final edit. What does not kill you does indeed make you stronger, and the entire Millennium of War gang are now tempered and destined for great things.

I’d like to recognize all the authors who had the guts to step forward, as well as the grim determination to finish what they started.

One of the first things readers will notice is the fantastic cover artwork. I surfed the net long and hard to find an artist who could provide the unique and top-shelf artwork that would adorn this book. Jeff Porter is not only a rare talent, but has been a pleasure to work with; much like the rest of the contributors of this anthology.

In closing, this anthology will be the first of many and you should keep posted for future offerings from the Fanatic Series. No doubt, you will see some of these same authors along with a wealth of new talent in future offerings. We hope you will be one of them…

– G.P. Mayer

This anthology of short stories is the very first offering in the Fanatic Series of books.  In the grim world of Warhammer 40,000, all factions brace for a Millenium of War.

Jeff Porter drew the cover art.  Visit his website for more scifi and fantasy artwork!

Converted to EPUB format by Jake Hadley.


by G.P. Mayer, Jeff Porter, Paul Ascylte Aguila, Niklas Erwin, Ray Gamer, Steven Jiang, Ibrahim KM, Aggelos Kotsikos, Chris M., Andrew Ottley, Anthony Protonotarios, Nicolas A. Protonotarios, Dan Rich, Michael W., Donovan Walls & Jake Hadley

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