Brawlmachine Journeyman League

a slow grow league designed to introduce new players to Warmachine and Hordes

The Brawlmachine Journeyman league is designed to be a slow growing introductory league to introduce new players to Warmachine and Hordes, or give veteran players an opportunity to try out a new faction, teach the game to new players, or both. Over the course of 10 weeks players will grow their collection of models from a 0 point “battlebox starter set” to enough models to build two 25-point Brawlmachine lists, eventually culminating in a tournament day.

Having participated in the 2018 Journeyman League as written, the author found a couple things in it needing a couple tweaks. The “traditional grow” journeyman league tended to outpace “up and coming” new players, as the game complexity and need to buy/build/paint models to go from a battlebox to a full 75 point force was too fast for most people, and the one time he was in one, the journeyman league had people gradually drop out over the first 4-6 weeks.

In addition, the relatively restrictive nature of the Journeyman League list construction rules invariably ended up with lists the players didn’t particularly like, but were just “the best thing they could build for each week”.  This system attempts to address these issues.

Brawlmachine is a special format for Warmachine that was created via of the passion of the community, specifically the fine fellows from the Line of Sight website. Their goal was simple: create a format that made it easy to introduce a new player to the game of Warmachine, promote smaller-scale games to expedite quick model collection as well as game time, and retain the core feel of playing Warmachine games at a larger scale.”

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by Steve Sawyer

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