Kroot Farstalkers

official Kill Team 2.0 rules for Farstalker Kinbands

Farstalker Kinbands are mercenaries operating far from their home world of Pech. Equipped with an eclectic array of scavenged gear , they excel at taking down key enemy units with their Bounty Hunters ability – gaining permanent re-rolls to hit a target of their employer’s choice.

Each Farstalker packs a Kroot pistol to complement their rifles and scatterguns, for an extra boost in close combat. With access to high-powered special weapons and the ability to ignore enemy cover with a Pech’ra companion, they‘re excellent Elites choices in T’au Empire armies – especially if you’re going for an all-Kroot experience.

You can read more about this Kill Team (and four others) here!

Download these rules directly from the Warhammer Community site here!


by Games Workshop

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