Jagerholm Narrative Background & Battleplans

narrative background lore and custom battleplans (optimized for AoS) designed for the Jagerholm scenery

‘Just as one would struggle to grasp air in their fist, it is hard to truly know a people from what can be seen and heard every day. To understand the Jager folk with any certainty, one must know their history. Here I have gathered all the legends, myths and stories told by the people of the Trail. I regret not being able to record these histories verbatim, but its content alone would consume this book and still leave far too much out. Instead, I aim to provide a carefully edited account of only the most enlightening aspects of their past.’

– Volin Skaldous, explorer and man of letters

Jagerholm is a fictional town set along cliff sides and mountains.  Adorned with the scales of great beasts and bolstered by earthen magics, it is the narrative inspiration for a set of scenery developed by Dark Fantastic Mills.  You can read more about it here!  For a limited time you can get access to the STL files at their Kickstarter here!

This download includes


by Dark Fantastic Mills

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