Feast of the Realms

a Path to Glory AoS3.0 narrative event run at Warhammer World, Nov. '23

Welcome to Feast of the Realms, a Path to Glory event where culinary prowess meets the strategic art of warfare! Prepare to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other, where the taste of victory is as satisfying as the thrill of conquest on the battlefield. In this carefully crafted event you need to demonstrate astute knowledge of the game, make sound tactical decisions, and choose your units wisely, but you will also have the opportunity to construct delectable meals using ingredients gathered from the Mortal Realms. These culinary creations will serve to enhance your troops, infusing them with flavourful buffs and making them more effective in the heat of battle.

Throughout the event, you and your opponents will have the chance to critique each other’s dishes, showcasing your discerning palates alongside your mighty armies. So, gather your forces, bring your finest cooking skills, and let us discover the true champions of both the kitchen and the battlefield.

Remember, an attitude overflowing with good cheer, sincerity, and positivity is essential, for in the battered wastelands of the Mortal Realms, camaraderie and enjoyment are as vital as the clash of swords and the roll of dice. Welcome to Feast of the Realms, where the domain of culinary delight and heroic triumph converge!

This download includes the Event Pack, Battle Plans, and Ingredient Cards for the Feast of the Realms Age of Sigmar Path to Glory event held at Warhammer World in November 2023.

  • Event Pack
  • Creating a Meal guide
  • Battle Plans
    1. Battleplan: Appetiser – Assault on the Food Stocks
    2. Battleplan: Starter – Devour the Foe
    3. Battleplan: Soup or Salad – Field Kitchen Under Siege
    4. Battleplan: Main Course – Secure the Harvest
    5. Battleplan: Cheese Course – Desperate Escape
    6. Battleplan: Dessert – The Feast
  • Ingredient Cards
    1. Thunderhoof Truffles
    2. Assistant Chef
    3. Echowisp Eclairs
    4. Luckyleaf Loaf
    5. Ethereal Aegis Oranges
    6. Azyr Essence Crystals
    7. Valorberries
    8. Arcane Ambrosia
    9. Aetherquake Peppers
    10. Fateforged Figs
    11. Skywing Nectar
    12. Dragonfire Spice
    13. Arcane Ambrosia
    14. Stonecrusher Spices
    15. Swiftwing Pomegranate
    16. Stormstep Grapes
    17. Starfall Nectar
    18. Magmaheart Emberfruit
    19. Aegis-shaped Apples
    20. Shadowsteel Berries
    21. Etherbane Elixir
    22. Divine Devotion Bread
    23. New Menu!
    24. 0 – Card Back

Download this Event Pack directly from Games Workshop here!


by Games Workshop

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