Gellerpox Infected

official Kill Team 2.0 rules for Gellerpox Infected

The Gellerpox Infected are techno-teeming Nurgle cultists accompanied by a variety of vermin. The Gellerpox Infected are made up of Nightmare Hulks and Gellerpox Mutants who overwhelm the enemy in a tide of flesh and metal, while the littler models gather together as Mutoid Vermin, swarms of endlessly regenerating warp-beasts.

These festering freakshows aren’t AGENTS OF CHAOS, but follow similar rules for mortal forces sworn to the Plague God – you can include them in DEATH GUARD and NURGLE TRAITORIS ASTARTES* Detachments without losing Battlefield Role slots or Faction abilities.

You can read more about this Kill Team (and four others) here!

Download these rules directly from the Warhammer Community site here!


by Games Workshop

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