Fight for the Lost City

skirmish rules set in the T9A world that supports 2 or more players

When the gates of the Underworld were closed for the people of Naptesh, the king Al-kazaresh refused to calmly accept the situation.  Over all things, the king’s biggest wish was being able to reach the promised halls of the afterlife, but he didn’t want to leave behind all his possessions in the living world.  No one knows today what kind of dark rituals he encouraged his priests to do but it worked.  Alkazaresh’s city crossed the veil between the two worlds and was moved to the Underworld.  The Gods recognized the king’s strong will and didn’t banish him from the forbidden land of the dead, but also saw the avarice in him.  As a punishment, once a year when the veil between the two worlds is thinner, Alkazaresh’s city is transported to the living world.  Each time it appears in a different place of the world, pulling adventurers and looters into a race for finding the legendary lost city and the treasures that contains.  After a day and a night, the city returns to the Underworld. Alkazaresh has to see the city more spoiled each time and pass a whole year fearing which precious legacy of his dynasty will lose the next year.

Fight for the Lost City is an alternative game based in The 9th Age world. While it has a lot of common ground with the main game that will make experienced players find very easy to jump into it, this game isn’t meant to be an “introductory game” for the big game that we all know.

This game is created for those players that want to enjoy The 9th Age in a different way, players that maybe don’t have enough time to play a long game or players that want to play a fun skirmish game with their 9th Age miniatures, etc.

Here you will find: a game that will let you play 1 vs 1 games or messy 4 players battles, different scenarios with multiple objectives to win, simple but not missing depth skirmish rules, and Gangs that you can build from your already owned 9th Age armies.

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by Gomio

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