Dawn of the 9th Age

a T9A 1e map campaign, with a diplomacy mechanic, for up to 32 players!

Thirty-two factions (2 per race) take part in the campaign, each one has a starting province (capital, where their fortress is located) and an invasion army – a force that moves around the map and interacts with other players. Each players may control up to three different factions (none of the same race). All factions without designated players count as passive – they defend their starting province, do not move, do not take part in diplomacy and consider all other armies as hostile.

The map is divided into 5 continents (Vetia, Augea, Tarphia, Sylexia, Virentia).

The game is divided into turns; the turns are divided into phases. Turn order for all players is random in each phase and is determined each turn separately, but some race’s abilities may override this rule.

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by jebedai, Svyatoslav Malanov, Ursa06

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