Fantasy Battle Royale

a T9A 1e survival scenario for two or more players

The Shattered Sea, once the home of a long forgotten people, lies abandoned and overgrown between the continents of Silexia and Virentia. From it’s treacherous waters, during the transit of the Seven Tailed Comet, ascends the Island of Trials. Among it’s kelp and tidal pools, obsidian idols guard ancient relics – exposed to the sun only once a century.
As the Island violently retreats into the abyss, mortal armies strive to claim the favor of long forgotten Gods. Meteors rain from the skies and blood mixes with sea water to the faint sound of an ancient madness, cackling with laughter.

Fantasy Battle Royale is a last man standing scenario for two or more players using The 9th Age Rules. During the course of the game, armies must attempt to survive in a gradually shrinking area, while evading comets brought down by the Gods them-selves and attempting to out-maneuver and destroy the opponents.

This scenario is primarily meant for three players or more, but may also be played by two. Furthermore, the scenario is not intended for competitive play, but rather as a social and fun way to play the 9th Age. If played by two, do not randomize player turns each game round.  Recommended army size is 2000 points per player.

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by Watertheplant & the Torshov Krigshammerklubb

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