Watchers in Death

a Kill Team-esque campaign framework for AoS 2.0 ideal for play with a GM

This document is a (somewhat) similar ruleset, to Mini War Gaming’s WH40k Deathwatch Campaign, for Age of Sigmar, using the Stormcast Eternals in the place of the Space Marines.

It provides a framework for pitting a small “Kill Team” of Stormcast Eternals against a range of threats (to be developed by a GM).

This is not meant to be used competitively, or even to be taken seriously. It plays best if one person acts as a Games Master, crafting scenarios and NPCs and a story for the players to play through.  Everything here is very changeable. If you want to include other units from the Stormcast Eternals, do it! If you want to include other factions, do it! If you want to modify the upgrade trees, do it!

Here are direct links to the various files included in the download:

Here are video series for the multiple campaigns that Mini War Gaming has run using these rules:

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by Mini War Gaming


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