Exemplary Battles: The Battle of Perditus: Umbral-51

an official HH campaign featuring the Dark Angles & Death Guard in the Sacking of Umbral-51

Although most remaining records regarding Perditus tell of The Lion’s determined intervention to prevent the Tuchulcha device from falling into the hands of Calas Typhon, the planet concealed many more secrets. It can only be speculated exactly what arcane and terrible spoils of the Great Crusade were stowed there and what dread weapons, liberated by the Dark Angels, during the Rangdan Xenocides, could be found under stasis fields within the vaults of Perditus. During the desperation of the Horus Heresy, few Primarchs would see their Legions relinquish the opportuniry to bolster their might and gain advantage over their brothers, so it is of no surprise that domains such as that of Perditus and its vaults would be valuable objectives as the galaxy burned around them.

The missions presented here can be used to recreate key conflicts that took place during the Battle for Perditus, representing the Dark Angels and the Death Guard scouring the planet and ransacking its vaults in an attempt to lay claim to what lies within. Players may wish to vary the forces used in these scenarios, for example substituting one of the armies for a contingent of lron Hands, to portray alternative conflicts in the Age of Darkness.

This 12-page PDF has all the lore and rules for refighting The Sacking of Umbral-51 as two opposing forces fight to claim one of the lost relics of Umbral-51.

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by Games Workshop

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