Secure Missing Artefacts

a WH40k 9e mission from the 2022 Grand Tournament Mission Pack

After players have chosen their deployment zones, but before they declare reserves and transports, the players reposition the objective markers labelled A and B as described below:
• First, the Attacker repositions either one objective marker labelled A or one objective marker labelled B.
• Secondly, the Defender repositions one objective marker labelled A and one objective marker labelled B (an objective marker cannot be repositioned more than once).
• Finally, the Attacker repositions the last objective marker labelled A or B that has yet to be repositioned.

In all cases, when an objective marker is repositioned, you set it up wholly within 6” horizontally of its original position, and not on or within any Obstacles or Defensible Terrain features. After all objective markers have been repositioned, each player secretly notes down one of the objective markers that is within their opponent’s territory to be a Priority objective marker (this cannot be the objective marker in the centre of the battlefield). After both players have deployed their armies, they then reveal their choices to their opponent.

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by Games Workshop

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