Necromunda 2018 Vampyre Rules

rules for playing Vampyres in Necromunda 2018

Vampires are present in many tales and legends, dating back to old Terra. They are described as nocturnal bloodsucking humanoids, almost immortal and feasting on blood and life essence of living creatures. Citizens of Necromunda are very superstitious, so most of the victims killed by so called “Vampyres” were in fact killed by some form of mutant, heretic witch or hive noble searching for blood and organs. But some Palanite Enforcers’ reports about strange Wyrd gatherings and Blood Cults got the attention of Lord Helmawr. They mentioned atypical kind of Wyrds, invulnerable to most form of damage and corpses, which blood has been sucked dry. Realising, that true Vampyres exist on Necromunda, the Inquisition was informed, and its agents sent to infiltrate and hunt.

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by Kacper Kuc, the_bleached_eye

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