Exemplary Battles: The Axandria IV Incident

an official HH mission recreating the Imperial Fists & Lego Custodes assault on the Thousand Sons' fortress planet

Axandria IV was a shining exemplar of the ideals of the Thousand Sons, a world replete with knowledge and a haven for scholars to explore the paths of learning. During the Great Crusade, this ensured the planet was little more than a curiosity, a destination for learned souls to visit but one that offered little of worth to the wider Imperium. Following the destruction of Prospero, Axandria IV became the most notable surviving garrison of the Thousand Sons and a reminder of the Legion’s transgressions against the Imperium. Though galactic events prevented a rapid strike against the planet, it was all but inevitable that Axandria IV would face destruction, but the small XVth Legion garrison had little choice but to await the foe and prepare as best they could.

The mission presented here can be used to recreate the events that took place on Axandria IV, representing forces from the Thousand Sons breaking through the lines of the Imperial Fists and Legio Custodes. However, players may wish to vary the forces used in these scenarios to portray alternative conflicts in the Age of Darkness, using the recommended army size of between 2,500-3,000 points and the Crusade Force Organisation chart. Both armies can take a maximum of one Fast Attack and one Heavy Support choice that does not have the Infantry Unit Type.

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by Games Workshop

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