Escape from Delta 6

an official scenario for Enderain for 1-2 players/teams

The raid into Delta 6 went well. The Team found some valuable loot that could fetch an incredible price in the backstreets. But, as you led them out in single file, a strobe-trip flickered into action, catching your movements and triggering an alert. Running immediately, it’s only a matter of time before Vigilant troops close in on your position. Your only chance is to get out of Delta 6 fast. But your escape route has been squeezed by the pursuit, forcing you towards the river that forms part of the border. With Vigilant forces closing in, and a river to cross to escape, there is no time for anything other than to get through the abandoned village, reach the river, and somehow get as many of you across as possible.

This download is a for a free scenario from the Enderain team designed that challenges 1-2 Players/Teams to escape from Delta 6!

Download this scenario directly from the Enderain site here!

See this download, and more, at the Enderain site here!


by Enderain

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