Efengie Campaign 3: Coalescence Aftermath

a five battleplan two-player narrative campaign for AoS with a recap of Coalescence 2017

Long ago, a powerful ring was forged in the boiling depths of Mount Koula. Socketed in its truesilver band, surrounded by lesser gems and runic inscriptions, is a single glowing shard… a keystone shard.

The Ring of Power has changed hands many times, adorning many lords of the vale, and has more than once fallen into myth only to turn up again in some grifter’s pocket or in a beast’s trove. The inlaid shard has begun to glow more brightly than before. Who will control its power when the Coalescence comes?

This five battleplan two-player narrative campaign contains a recap of the events of Coalescence: War of the Ring and also includes the Colossal Red’s Wrath raid-style battleplan and warscroll!

Check out Coalescence 2017 for the narrative precursor.

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by Duncan Hall

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