Efengie Campaign 2: Through the Deathgate

a five battleplan two-player narrative campaign for AoS with Time of War rules

“Lord Egon, a falcon has come with a message for you!” the Wyldwood Ranger knelt in the dirt before his lord, a falcon perched on his outstretched arm.

Lord Egon carefully removed the scroll from the falcon’s leg, unrolled it, and silently read its contents. He nodded his head, and looked to the North, squinting at the Azyrspire in the distance climbing high into the heavens. He could clearly make out an army of Orruks marching toward toward the Spire.

War had come again to Eucebium.

This battleplan enables you to fight an exciting battle that should last about an hour. It should be fought using all the rules on the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar rules sheet unless indicated otherwise.  Each battleplan in this book uses this framework with its own set of victory conditions and other  special rules.  This five battleplan two-player narrative campaign contains Time of War rules for fighting at the Gates of Eucebium.

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by Duncan Hall

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