Efengie Campaign 1: Efengie

a five battleplan, two-player, narrative campaign for AoS

Since the Age of Myth, Eucebium has known peace.

The Vale of Efengie is home not only to the survivors of the destruction of Hammerstadt, but also to all manner of Orruks, Ogors, Chaos worshippers, and even the undead. Despite their fundamental differences, the varied cultures’ clashes have been limited to mere border skirmishes and political intrigue. But now a great change has come.

The Gates of Eucebium, a circle of long dormant realmgates, has awakened. Built by the wanderers to spread order across the realms in ages past, they have not served their intended purpose in thousands of years. There are now rumours that creatures, both of darkness and of light, have been coming through the gates. It seems that the people of Eucebium will soon have to choose sides in a war that has raged since the beginning of the Age of Chaos.

A new age is dawning on Eucebium.

This framework enables you to fight an exciting battle that should last about an hour. It should be fought using all the rules on the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar rules sheet unless indicated otherwise.  Each battleplan in this book uses this framework with its own set of Laurels of Victory conditions, Underdog Deeds, and special rules.  This a five battleplan two-player narrative campaign also contains a history the Vale of Efengie and Time of War rules for battling there.

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by Duncan Hall

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